ARC Youth Fest is a


art and culture festival

Elite artist, Bobby Arte, has collaborated with ARC Oakland to build the ARC Youth Fest, the only large-scale youth art walk and cultural street fair. The event is put together for youth by youth to educate, enlighten and inspire artists. ARC Youth Fest showcases youth artists in a competitive, fun, safe environment that promotes healthy living, engages attendees with art-driven activities and awards scholarships and prizes that develop artistic skills. 

Oakland is recognized as one of the most ethnically diverse cities in America.

Challenges – At risk youth experience disparities in achieving the ability to thrive and have support of the entire community to lead safe, healthy, and productive lives.

We will work in partnership with a full spectrum of stakeholders to maximize social impact for local and at-risk youth and the art and culture community in Oakland.
We will facilitate an Art Renaissance for these youth by establishing Oakland as a center for youth arts, which will attract talented youth artists from around the world.
  • To establish the ARC Youth Fest as an all-inclusive epicenter for cultivating youth artistic talent, celebrating local culture and facilitating healthy living.

  • To execute constructive art competitions to help deter at risk behaviors and stimulate vitality in distressed communities.

  • To instigate an explosion of creative expression among local youth.

  • To create a sustainable future for youth artists in Oakland.

Involve the entire local community

Target local organizations and businesses working with these specific demographics to attract event participants

Blur lines of disparity through art

Provide firsthand, immediate access to opportunities, resources and platforms for creative expression


Define the value of art in daily life

Provide vocational training and development in the arts as specially designed pathways to unique career opportunities

ARC Oakland is a Creative Youth Development nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization. This community-based art collective and incubator works to administer programming that supports the artistic, cultural, and technological development and environmental health of disadvantaged communities through education, training, and mentorship. ARC Oakland's ongoing mission is to nurture smart, talented young creatives, to offer new exposures to viable career options in the arts and to use STEM + art and workforce development to stimulate sustainable futures for students. ARC Youth Fest is a unique way to involve the entire community in creating social change for these youth artists. Through ARC Youth Fest and Creative Pathways programming in local schools, ARC Oakland utilizes diversity STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ART and math) activities to stimuprogramming to create sustainable futures for young artists.

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