1. Is this a free event? Students age 24 and under enter for FREE. We request a cash or food item donation for general entry

  2. Is the event appropriate for younger children and families? YES

  3. I am a young artist. How can I showcase my art this year? We will conduct a cipher at the festival where all artists are invited to participate. There is limited time, so only those artists that sign up first-come-first-serve will participate. Signups will take place around 12pm.  

  4. How can I volunteer? Sign up to volunteer here 

  5. What sorts of activities will there be? Besides performances and art showcases, there will be free recreation activities such as Oversized jumpy houses, a basketball court, oversized checkers, race cars and more.  

  6. Where do donated food items go? All donated food items will go directly to the Alameda County Food Bank. 

  7. Where can I deposit food donations? There will be Food Bank donations bins throughout the festival. An event greeter can provide you more information.

  8. Will you provide event partners a canopy tent? YES

  9. Will I have access to electrical power? YES

  10. Should I bring my own generator? It's a a good idea just to be sure you have adequate power for your individual booth.

  11. What are the hours for the event? 11AM to 5PM

  12. When will we be able to access the booth for setup? 7AM

  13. What is the booth check in process? You will be emailed your assigned booth number/location. Unpaid fees or incomplete registration will result in you NOT receiving a booth number.

  14. What if I do not have a booth number? You will not be allowed to participate as a partner at this year's event. No product sales will be allowed.

  15. What time can partners leave the festival? 5PM, no later than 8PM

  16. How late can food partners set up? Food partners must be setup and ready for inspection no later than 10AM

  17. Will there be running water? YES

  18. Will we be able to load/unload directly at the booth? YES

  19. Is parking available to park our cargo van during the event? YES, there will be free parking in the Dalziel parking lot at the venue location. 

  20. Any restrictions on what we can sell i.e. can we sell water and other beverages as well as food? No alcoholic beverages, or products displaying alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia, weapons, violence or illegal behavior.

  21. Do I need to add ARC as an additional insured? YES

  22. I can't make it to the event. Can I subcontract my booth space? Not without the express written consent of the Event Coordinator

  23. I missed the deadline to sign up as a food partner or non-food partner. Can I set up my private booth on the street. It is not permissible to set up or sell any items or equipment on the sidewalk or to subcontract your sidewalk or street space to a vendor. The Oakland Police Department will enforce this during the festival, including the outside perimeter, as long as the location is within the parameters of the ARC Youth Fest street closure (see map). It is not permissible to set up anything on the street during the festival. 
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