In order to plan and execute the ARC Youth Fest, we rely on volunteer staff and youth. Funding is generated by sponsorship, donations, grants, and partner fees. Through the generous support of our donors and volunteers, we are able to realize a vibrant arts festival for local youth. 

ARC Youth Fest depends on our sponsors to support the evolution of the event into a broader, more impactful community showcase. What an exciting opportunity for all types and sizes of individuals and businesses to get involved. Whether your goal is corporate promotion, civic pride or recognition as a supporter for the arts, please consider these great benefits of joining our mission and vision:

  • Exposure to very targeted local youth and parent demographic

  • Social media and digital marketing opportunities

  • Leadership in the cultural arts preservation in Oakland

  • Visibility around youth support and investment in our communities

  • Networking opportunity witih sponsors, media and celebrity talent

  • Direct media access

  • Recognition on Festival signage 

  • Recognition on Festival marketing and promotional materials

  • Opportunities for exhibition-related corporate advertising

  • Tax deduction (we are a 501(c)3 organization)

  • Festival posters to use in your workplace and to give to clients

  • Satisfaction in knowing that you are helping the arts in our city!

Join our mission by selecting from a variety of robust Sponsorship Packages.

THE BOBBY - $25,000

  • All-inclusive branding for one of the four primary festival areas: Arts, Food, Entrance, Stage

  • Corporate branding throughout sponsored festival area

  • Logo on all printed and electronic event marketing materials

  • Festival lounge access (6 tickets)

  • Event parking (2 spaces)

THE JADA - $10,000

  • All inclusive branding for one of six primary art categories: music/poetry, dance, fashion, visual, culinary, healing arts

  • ​Corporate branding throughout sponsored art area​

  • Logo on all printed and electronic event marketing materials

  • Festival lounge access (4 tickets)

  • Event parking (2 spaces)

THE MAJOR - $5,000

  • Provide supplies and materials for 5 full-sized interactive/showcase booths for 5 nonprofit youth art programs

  • Logo on each sponsored booth

  • Listing on electronic event marketing materials

  • Festival lounge access (2 tickets)


THE SHANE - $1,000

  • Provide supplies and materials for 1 full-size interactive/showcase booth for 1 nonprofit youth art program OR 2 half-sized interactive/showcase booths for 2 nonprofit youth art programs

  • Name on each sponsored booth section

  • Listing on event media

  • Festival lounge access (2 tickets) 


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